I feel so much better thanks to Dr. Dyer and his team.

"He listened to me and we got to the root cause of the problem and my health coach has been an anchor during some stressful times these last few months. If you’re looking for a great functional doctor with an amazing team you can find them at Premier Integrative Health"

— Myrna S

I first met Dr. Dyer 3 years ago when I was searching for a functional medicine physician.

"Being a provider myself, I was very familiar with the concept of “getting to the root cause” and I wasn’t willing to compromise. I live 4 hours from the KC area and Dr. Dyer and his staff made my visits as convenient as possible. After the initial consultation, I was able to follow up by phone or use “Zoom” which is similar to Skype. However, I went to his office more than necessary because I love the atmosphere, encouragement, kindness and honesty from all the staff. With some specialized testing, lifestyle and diet changes and specific supplements for my issues, I was symptom free in 3 months ( each individual will be different). I was ecstatic with my decision to trust PIH with my health. However, as humans do, I recently had fallen back into to some old health habits and needed a tune up. I was greeted, 3 years later, at my visit like an old friend. No judgement, criticism or “I told you so”. We just worked as a team to get me back on track. Once again, I am symptom free and living my best life. My gratitude for Dr. Dyer, the office manager Jen, life/health coach Trish and dietitian Brooke are immeasurable! Dr. Dyer has so much to offer at his progressive practice and continues to grow every day. Be sure to follow his website, FB and instagram page for the latest news. If your looking for better health by “getting to the root cause” without a multitude of prescriptions and their side effects PIH is your home!"

— Debbie M

I Highly recommend Dr. Dyer and his fabulous team of health professionals!

"Premier Integrative Health made our first time experience with functional medicine incredibly personal, interactive and packed with eye opening knowledge! We have learned SO many golden nuggets of information that have been life changing! It’s all about creating healthy lifestyle changes that are personalized for each individual healing the body as a whole vs treating symptoms only (band-aids) in conventional medicine. This has given our entire family a new outlook on healthcare! This team is AWESOME!! We have loved working out with the health coach, Julia!! This is an investment in your health and utilizing all of the incredible resources that are included are a MUST!! Each and every member of the team is so passionate about helping others…it’s an amazing environment to be a part of!! Thank you Dr. Dyer for helping our family learn and understand how to feel better and enjoy life!! One size DOES NOT fit all!! Personalized medicine is the way to go!!"

— Jenn D

For far to long I was considered an “anomaly” with my medical symptoms and was written off as “you’re not that bad [yet]”

"Meanwhile I was in so much pain and was on a crazy roller coaster with my mood/energy levels. Dr. Dyer has listened to my symptoms and we have been working together to find a solution. He has tested for things and asked about things I would have never even thought to- treating the WHOLE body! Amazingly I am doing SO much better after only 6 months of treatment and look forward to continuing to improve my health!"

— Megan C

Personal attention with listening ears. Amazing.

"I finally got the answers to questions about my health that I have had most my life, and a few more that I didn’t know to ask! Love that he will use prescription grade supplements to help healing and has the knowledge/training on the latest science to back it up. Super smart with common sense. Love it."

— Katrina D

Great Improvement In Symptoms

"We have been dealing with various issues from skin to digestion. Dr. Dyer, Jenn and Julia have been amazing to work with. We drive 2 hours each way just to work with this office, as they are clearly interested in making the symptoms go away vs just masking them. They are extremely knowledgable in functional medicine and after a short time with this office, we are seeing great improvement in symptoms. Would absolutely recommend them to anyone."

— Amy W

Premier Integrative Health has given me back control.

"By following the guidance on eating keto and using intermittent fasting, my blood sugars dropped from 230 to 80 in two weeks! I have been taken off of all my diabetes medication now and my fasting blood sugars are averaging below go! I have started working out again and feel great. I feel like I have gained control of my own health again."

— Mark W.

I decided to join this program because I want to improve my overall health and wellbeing.

"Ever since I can remember, I have struggled with being overweight and low self-confidence. Just one month in the program I have lost around 20 lbs, I have gone down a pants size, and I have people complimenting the way I look! My mood and anxiety are noticeably better and I have more self-confidence in myself. I feel like a different person! Learning more about myself, what my labs reflect, how to cook/what to cook, what to eat/what to avoid, how to deal with stress, setting goals, yoga, intermittent fasting. It is all working!"

— Trudy K.

I feel like myself again!

"The team at Premier Integrative Health helped me with allergies, hormone imbalance, stress management, and insomnia. I don’t know where I would be today without their help. I feel like myself again! Thanks to Dr. Dyer and his team! I cannot recommend them enough! "

— Candice M.

I’m a new woman!

"Thanks to Dr. Dyer’s knowledge and support helping me adjust my diet, exercise, sleep patterns and get on the needed supplements to turn this ship around, I’m a new woman without the rashes and ailments I was plagued with for years. Thank you Premier Integrative Health! "

— Brenda C.

Experiencing some long-overdue relief.

"FINALLY, the root causes are being addressed and I am experiencing some long-overdue relief. I love the motto here, “Find the cause, live the cure.” It is changing my life, perhaps it can change yours as well. "

— Michelle M.

A whole hour with your doctor!

"Only after working with Dr. Dyer did I start to notice a difference in my condition, as well as my outlook for the future. Do yourself a favor and invest in true HEALTH-care with Dr. Dyer and PIH! "

— Aubry H.

Great Improvement In Symptoms.

"They are extremely knowledgable in functional medicine and after a short time with this office, we are seeing great improvement in symptoms. Would absolutely recommend them to anyone. "

— Amy W.

Extremely pleased

"Dr. Dyer is a doctor like no other. He spent a lot of time with me and genuinely wants to find the source of the symptoms and not just mask them with more and more medications. He makes me feel like a person, not just another patient."

— Kim M


"I came to Premier Integrative Health after being diagnosed with IBS. I wanted healing instead of symptom management. After communicating with Dr. Dyer via email, I couldn’t wait to meet him and get started on the path to healing! While making dietary and lifestyle changes can be challenging, Dr Dyer and Jennifer have been helpful and encouraging throughout this journey. I am happy to report that I am already feeling better in just 6 short weeks! I am grateful to have found this practice!"

— Kathleen C

Innovative approach to medicine

"I have been in treatment with Dr. Dyer for the past several months, and have had tremendous success with a long list digestive issues. I am feeling better than I have in years, and we are well on the road to full recovery. What I appreciate most about Dr. Dyer is his availability, attentiveness, and his personalized approach to medicine. I also love the clinic’s integrated approach. I highly recommended Dr. Dyer and Premier Integrative Health!"

— N.B.

Definitely worth it!

"I have been to see Dr Dyer twice and each time he has spent a great deal of time talking to us and explaining my lab results as well as listening closely to my symptoms. He has found things wrong that no one else has bothered to look for! I am excited to continue this journey with him – a journey towards wellness!"

— Holly H.

Finally feel confident.

"After talking with Dr. Dyer about my many sporadic reading of medical literature I feel confident he’s knowledgable about all the conflicting information and has a best practice that will work for me. Being very critical, I’m pretty darn happy with our first conversation."

— Chris S.


"After several months of working with Dr Dyer I can honestly say I have never had a doctor provide such focused and compassionate care. He is quick to respond to any questions I may have."

— Crystal W

The right treatment

"Just getting started with Dr. Bradley Dyer but I feel confident that he will be able to help be “Integrate” my medical concerns with my desire to be a whole healthy person. He spent two hours with me going over all my history and medical concerns. Together we reached a plan to get me started toward my goal. Dr. Dyer is through in his approach in obtaining the information and testing needed to treat the whole person. I like that he is a medical doctor with an enlighten look on medical treatment."

— Sandy M.