What Role Will Wearables (i.e. FitBit, Apple Watch) Play in the Future of Medicine?

There is no question that technology has transformed healthcare over the years and the vast majority of these advancements have been in the field of acute care medicine.However, the primary healthcare burden in our country (and across the world) has switched over the past 100 years from infection and trauma to chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and autoimmune disorders. Given this new shift in disease burden there needs to be a new shift in how technology is utilized in health. I really believe that “Big Data” and not so much “Big Pharma” will drive the future of healthcare. There is a reason why Apple, Google and IBM are some of the top companies dumping money into the healthcare industry. In order to improve the management of chronic diseases patients need to take control of their health and wearables are one way to do that.

Here is a great article on 9 ways wearables can change health and fitness

Dr. Dyer, IntegrativeDO
Premier Integrative Health