EOD Scholarship

Our Empowerment Over Diabetes (EOD) program is a powerful virtual group course that helps you significantly improve and even reverse your diabetes by modifying your diet, lifestyle, mindset, and environment.

During this 12-week program, we teach and help implement a medically proven, integrative health approach to obesity, pre-diabetes, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Our amazing team of healthcare professionals guides patients through the 4 Core Pillars to naturally lower blood sugar, promote weight loss, and improve insulin resistance.

The best part of the program is that each patient is welcomed into a community of like-minded people that will help support them along their journey.

For each group, we will offer two fully paid scholarships to our Empowerment Over Diabetes Complete Program ($2197 value).  Here are the minimum requirements to apply:

  • The participant will need to make under $40K per year for a single-income household and under $70K per year for a two-income household.
  • The participant has a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes (Hemoglobin A1C >6.5)
  • The participant will need to be on at least 1 medication daily for diabetes (i.e. insulin, metformin, glipizide, glimepiride, jardiance, januvia, etc.)

If you meet these criteria, please answer the series of questions below which we will use to help us pick the winners for each group.

We are very passionate about reversing diabetes and hope these scholarship positions will truly help someone achieve freedom from poor metabolic health and all of the factors associated with it!