6 Ways to Stay Mindful and Merry This Holiday

We all walk in to the holidays wide-eyed and excited but sometimes come out with our nerves shot and a promise to run away to Mexico next year. However, I do believe there is a way to go through the holidays mindfully! So here are a few tools and reminders that will hopefully make this years holiday season merry and bright:

1. Download the Calm App: This app is extremely helpful for those who think meditation is impossible or far-fetched. It eases even the busiest of minds. Start by trying the “7 days of calm” intro series. Trust me, you’ll love it!

2. Light Exercise: It’s cold, it’s dark, I get it. But even just bundling up and getting in a brisk walk around the neighborhood does a body good. It eases stress, gives us time to sort our thoughts and gets our blood moving! If the cold gets you down then try spending just 10 minutes a day doing sit-ups, push ups, air squats and if you really want to have fun….burpees.

3. Tea Time: Call me British, but making sure I’ve got at least 30 minutes in the middle of my day to make a cup of tea and stare off into the distance is a must. If I’m feeling agitated, I’ll take the time to journal. If I’m frazzled, I’ll use my calm app. And I always go for my usual dandelion or green tea, both in which supports the immune system.

4. Learn to Say No: It’s important to set boundaries during this time of year, so that it doesn’t fly by like a tornado leaving you in shambles. Set healthy boundaries with family members, in-laws, work parties, and friends.

5. Sleep: We’re not bears, per say, but winter is still a time to rest. Make sure you’re getting 7-8+ hours of sleep per night. This keeps our adrenals healthy, reduces stress levels and leaves us clear headed.

6. Eat Clean: Think you’ll cave into temptation? No worries! Enter Pinterest. There are endless recipes of healthier versions of all of your favorite holiday goodies out there. Supporting the body with optimal nutrients will keep your head clear and your gut health supported. They don’t call the gut the second brain for no reason. When we are eating clean, our mood stays balanced. So stay committed to your healthy lifestyle!

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

-Jaycee Waters
Health & Wellness coach