Take Back Your Health in 2024 Like These 4 Patients

If your New Year’s resolution is to take back your health in 2024, this post should give you the motivation to do so.

Life can take a toll on your mind, body, and spirit. Too much stress, too little sleep, and too much processed food can wreak havoc on the body quickly, let alone over decades.

Too many people seek a pill or potion to remedy their health problems. As you know, there are no shortcuts or medications that can reverse chronic disease without lifestyle modification.

Lifestyle modification is at the heart of integrative medicine because everything you think, consume, touch, and breathe impacts the ability for your body and its organs to work.

We applaud our patients below for committing to one of our programs, doing the work, and taking back their health.

Take Back Your Health Like Mark, Adam, Vanessa & Katie

Mark, 55, enrolled in the Empowerment of Diabetes program. As minister, he had buried far too many congregation members because of diabetes or heart-related illness. He didn’t want to die an early death because of Type 2 Diabetes.

Mark said, “Following the guidance on eating keto and intermittent fasting, my blood sugars dropped from 230 to 80 in two weeks! I have been taken off of all my diabetes medication now and my fasting blood sugars are averaging below go! I have started working out again and feel great. I feel like I have gained control of my own health again.”

Adam and Vanessa had tried a number of exercising and weight loss programs, but they hadn’t found one that worked and that they could stick to. After going through the Empowerment Over Diabetes program, they feel confident they can continue to eat a low-carb diet but making most of their meals at home.

Vanessa said the best part for her was losing the joint pain. Adam said the best part for him was being able to have the energy to play with his kids again.

Take Back Your Health Like Katie

Katie, 32, came to Premier because her conventional providers couldn’t resolve her fatigue, vertigo, hives, depression, and chronic pain.

As a mother of a toddler, she felt guilty not having the energy to be fully present in her child’s life. Though her family was skeptical that Katie could find results going to an award-winning alternative practice, she said it was her last resort.

“Dr. Dyer saved my life. Mentally and physically, I’ve never felt better, and now I can enjoy playing with my child,” said Katie. “My family said they are thrilled to have the real Katie back.”

To Your Health in the New Year

These results are far from unusual. They’re pretty standard when patients allow us to do the functional lab testing to get to the root cause of their issues and address them holistically.

Remember, magic happens when you raise your and say I want to feel better and I’m willing to invest in the education and health guidance to make that happen.