The ONE message all diabetics need to see…

As a board certified Internal Medicine doctor and Functional Medicine doctor it is my passion to help my patients and my community prevent, manage, and even REVERSE type 2 diabetes and prediabetes. I always strive to stay in tune with my community so I know how to best serve them. I recently made a post in a diabetes support group on Facebook and the responses I received really ignited my passion to do whatever it takes to help as many diabetics and pre-diabetics as possible!

Whether it’s my journey to help people or YOUR journey to reverse your diabetes… it is always important to know your WHY.

I asked a very simple question in this support group and in less than a few hours I had over 100 extremely powerful responses!

The question I asked was “What about your diabetes keeps you up at night?”

I wanted to know the answer to this question so I know how to best serve my patients and the responses to the question really moved me. Here are a few of the answers I received…

“Dying and leaving my kids behind wondering why I couldn’t prevent it.”

“I worry about following in my Mom’s footsteps and dying at 60.”

“I’m only 33 and my daughter is 6. I’m scared I may not see her grow up”

“That I will be a burden on my children later and they will have to take care of me. I miss so many moments with my own kids because I take care of my father who does not manage his diabetes.”

“The fact that I’m in my 50’s and ignored it for years while several family members either died from or lost sight/limbs in their 50’s due to diabetes complications.”

“Rotting from the inside out.”

“I worry about taking after my Mother …my Mom was diabetic and lost toe after toe after toe. Then became legally blind. Her kidneys failed, then her heart gave out.”

“Amputation, blindness, heart attack, dialysis. It runs in the family and this has happened to them. I can’t sleep and it’s on my mind daily”

And I also received some very inspirational comments like this one:

“My fear was losing a toe or a limb and also not being able to care for my husband who has stage 1 dementia so I followed a LCHF diet, tested my blood sugars all the time and have now reversed my T2 Diabetes for 2 years. I feel so well and have so much energy!”

If any of these statements resonate with you I urge you to read on…

Type 2 diabetes DOES NOT have to be a chronic progressive disease that leads to heart attacks, strokes, amputations, dialysis, and a diminished quality of life!

Contrary to what I was taught in medical school, and the messages many of you receive from mainstream medicine, this condition is REVERSIBLE! Trust me on this… as a healthcare professional, I’m telling you that fancier medications and more doctor visits are NOT the answer!

Diabetes is primarily a lifestyle-driven disease that needs a lifestyle-driven treatment plan.

You need to get to the ROOT CAUSE of diabetes and I promise you it is not a deficiency of pharmaceuticals in your body.

This is exactly why I created the Empowerment Over Diabetes program. This 12-week group program is designed to give you the knowledge and SUPPORT you need to reverse your diabetes and change your life forever.

The first step is to understand that it IS possible to reverse your diabetes and that you are absolutely capable of doing this with the right set of tools.

Listen to this testimonial from our patient Mark who after having diabetes for 15 years was able to get off all diabetes and blood pressure medications and lost over 50 lbs during our 12-week program.


I know diet and lifestyle change can seem scary and difficult but I promise you… it’s not nearly as scary or difficult as some of the statements listed above.

Either we find time for our wellness or we will be FORCED to spend time (and a lot of money) on our illness.

Our program gives you the tools, education, and support you need to be successful. We address things such as food addiction and emotional eating, how to shop at the grocery store, the importance of sleep and stress management (and tools to enhance both).

The most powerful part of the program is you will be supported by people just like you who are on the same journey, you do NOT have to do this alone!

If ANY part of this message resonated with you please take a moment and go to  to learn more. From there you can fill out a short application and have a FREE call with a member of our team to answer any questions you have about the program.  If you have not been diagnosed with diabetes or pre diabetes and are afraid you could be at risk you can take our FREE quiz to learn your level of risk.


You CAN do this and you are absolutely worth it! 

In health, 

Dr. Dyer and the Premier Integrative Health team