At Premier Integrative Health, we work for you, not the insurance company. We are able to spend the time needed to evaluate all aspects of your life and partner with you to achieve optimal health. The best investment you can make in life is health and our job is to help you get the best return on your investment. See the membership structure below.

Note from Dr. Bradley Dyer 

A common question I get is why should I pay out of pocket for healthcare when I am required to pay for health insurance? My quick answer, in most insurance-based models you are not actually getting health care but rather disease management. That type of care may be cheaper in the beginning, but in the long run takes a major toll on your wallet. Even more importantly, it takes a toll on your overall quality of life. When you invest in a personalized approach to healthcare, you gain the knowledge necessary to prevent and even reverse disease. At Premier Integrative Health, we add years to life and life to years. The current insurance-based model is designed to make you a customer for life and utilize more and more of their services as the years go by. My goal is to provide the type of care and education that will make you independent of the “sick care” health care system.

Benefits of the Membership Model over Hourly Rate (fee for service).

With the “fee for service” model, patients are often reluctant to follow up or fully utilize the practice out of concern for the increasing cost with each visit. This dramatically reduces the success of a functional, medicine-based approach that often calls for sustained diet and lifestyle modification. With the membership model, the medical fees are pre-established. This allows you the freedom to work with your doctor and wellness staff as much as you need to achieve your health and wellness goals.

For the cost of an initial visit and 1-2 follow ups at a standard “fee for service” functional medicine practice, you can have 6 months of unlimited access at Premier Integrative Health!

Membership Program Details:

  • $150 initiation fee
  • $175 per month for primary user
  • $100 per month for secondary user(s)
  • 6 month minimum commitment
  • 10% discount if you pay 6 months in advance
Physician rate$300 an hourUp to 3 face to face visits per month and unlimited virtual
Health Coach (creation of personalized nutrition, exercise and wellness plan)$75 an hourUp to 3 face to face visits per month and unlimited virtual
Professional Grade SupplementsRegular Price10% off plus periodic promotions
Emails$10 per correspondenceUnlimited
Virtual Visits Hourly rate (15 min blocks)Unlimited
Community discounts (yoga, chiropractic, meal planning etc)Members OnlyIncluded
Clinic EventsCharge per eventIncluded
Mobile PhlebotomyCharge per occurrenceIncluded
InBody BIA Analysis$40Included

Our membership offers unique community discounts through our like-minded network of partners located nearby including:

  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractor
  • Fitness/Gym
  • Meal Planning
  • Yoga
  • And More

A complete listing provided upon start of membership. Ready to get started?